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Welcome to the Red Flat – a downtown apartment in Sofia, which is designed to teleport you back to the 1980’s. Explore the life of a regular Bulgarian family – Petrovi (the Petrovs). You will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the last decade of the Cold War while listening to the stories covering the everyday activities, work, school, fun and games, dreams and aspirations of Elena, Plamen and their son Boyan. You are not just welcome, but encouraged to explore and play with the objects you will see in their home. In about an hour and a half you will get a comprehensive picture of life in socialist Bulgaria. Audio guides are available in English and Bulgarian.
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Working hours

Еvery Day
10:30-19:30 (18:00 last admission)
24 Ivan Denkoglu street – Gifted Sofia



GIFTED urban culture hub
24 Ivan Denkoglu street, Sofia

18 BGN/9 EUR
per person

18 BGN/9 EUR
per person​

Museum of Communism – Sofia

For a long time Sofia was one of the few Eastern European capitals without a communist history museum. Of course, one would still be able to see communist monuments and buildings all around town. Those that have been removed are now stored in the Socialist Art Museum. However, the story of how everyday life was during that era remains untold. Until now. The Red Flat is now open. Travel back to the 1980’s and dive deep into the world of a regular Bulgarian family.  

Things to do in Sofia – The Communist Take

Bulgaria’s communist past is a fascination to many. One’s visit to Sofia would be incomplete without at least a few hours dedicated to this rather controversial historical period. There are plently of “what to do in Sofia” lists floating around. Most of the time they include Sofia’s most famous landmarks, restaurants, bars, etc. However, we’ve decided to put a little communist twist to it. Here are our suggestions for communist-themed day in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

  • The Red Flat – Find out how life was for the ordinary Bulgarians by entering the home of a regular Bulgarian family.
  • Sofia Communist Tour – Join a walking tour dedicated to 45-year long communist period and discover Sofia’s most famous communist landmarks and the history behind them
  • Socialist Art Museum – in this gallery you will find statues that were once in Sofia but have been removed a long time ago as well as paintings, posters and other examples of socialist art. 
  • Communist-Themed Restaurants/Bars such as Rakia Raketa Bar and